Tungsten Carbide Preform Manufacturing Process

Vista Metals produces the World's finest tungsten carbide preforms because of our technology, commitment to quality and attention to detail. Our manufacturing process and the experienced people that drive it are the reasons why Vista Metals preforms are chosen around the world.

Vista Metals Provides
1 Blending
Vista Metals' manufacturing process begins with strict control of raw materials and precise blending to unique in-house recipes. Vista manufactures a wide variety of grades covering all application requirements.
2 Testing
Samples of our grade powders are sintered and tested extensively in our Quality Control Lab prior to use in production. Tests are performed using state-of-the-art equipment by our experienced metallurgical quality control team.
3 Engineering
Our engineering team develops an accurate, computerized model of your specified preform with our detailed CAD/CAM systems. Once engineered, the drawing can be linked to our CNC equipment for product consistency from start to finish. Repeat orders are quickly retrieved from the computer system.
4 Pressing
Powders are hydrostatically pressed, reducing billets and rounds by approximately 25%. Shrink factor is determined and the materials are tagged for shaping.
5 Shaping
Vista's experienced machinists use diamond-tipped tooling to bore, grind, drill and turn to exact specified dimensions and tolerances. CNC equipment can be controlled through the CAD/CAM system.
6 Sintering
Precision preforms are sintered in our programmable sinter hip and vacuum furnaces at temperatures from 2400˚F up to 2700˚F. Once sintered, invar plugs can be brazed in place if tapping is required.
7 Inspection
A dimensional & metallurgical inspection is performed before shipping.
8 Packaging
All preforms are visually checked and packaged to specification.