We’re Tooling Up For Today & Tomorrow

Founded in 1969, Vista Metals Inc. has established itself as a global leader in manufacturing high-strength, long-lasting, tungsten carbide preforms. Our company-wide commitment to quality and service, advanced facilities and a highly-skilled workforce has enabled us to provide tungsten carbide preforms unsurpassed in excellence.

We take great pride we have produced the world’s finest tungsten carbide preforms for over 50 years and now we are committed to further advance our products into the future as we continue to deliver the highest-quality, longest-lasting tungsten carbide preforms to our customers on time with unsurpassed excellence.

Vista Metals Provides


  • Strict in-house powder blending for a quicker turnaround
  • Numerous grades meeting a wide range of hardness and strength characteristics
  • Dynamic quality-control lab


  • Corrosion resistant nickel-binder preforms are effective in applications involving the use of caustic lubricants
  • VM-NM12 is non-magnetic, making it ideal for die-liner preforms used in the production of magnets for electric motors, stereo speaker rings, computer blocks and any application where magnetism is a concern


  • In-house sinter hip process is available upon request
  • Industry leading shaping and sintering capabilities
  • Intricate shapes
  • High-volume production
  • Single piece production
  • Minimum stock allowances


  • On-the-shelf EDM block program
  • Our wire EDM plus process guarantee is available on all of our grades of tungsten carbide. Extensively tested against cracking, you can wire EDM tungsten carbide for every die and wear part application
  • Mechanical pressing capabilities available for high quantity repetitive items
  • Exceptional sales & customer service
  • Quotes in hours, not days
  • 7-10 day deliveries
  • Emergency turnarounds